Job Searching Tips

Look below for tips to avoid scams and fraud when looking for a job. Find a job working from home, working for the government or modeling without falling for these tricks.

Job Searching Help

Government job offices, temporary agencies and employment offices may be able to help you find a job, if you know the ins and out of employment hunting.

Coupon Clipping Opportunities

Many work-at-home opportunities involv coupon booklets or coupon clipping. Some of these jobs are not legitimate.

Investment or Business Schemes

Business seminars and independent marketing opportunities often target job seekers. Many are scams or pyramid schemes or other get rich quick rip offs. Job hunters should read this first.

Jobs Mailing from Home

People looking for a job may see employment opportunities advertising envelope stuffing or mailing from home. Use caution when applying for these jobs.

Answering Job Offers from Modeling Agencies

You may be interested in being a model. However, be careful when applying to modeling agencies.

Opportunities in Mystery Shopping

Job hunters often answer ads for mystery shopper positions. Learn about the mystery shopping business and opportunities to shop for money.

Jobs Doing Medical Billing at Home

Many classified ads announce opportunities in medical billing, many og which are work-at-home opportunities. Use caution when seeking billing jobs and report fraudulent employers.

Jobs with the Federal Government

Applying for federal government jobs is always free. Learn where to find job postings and avoid federal job scams and rip-offs.

Source: The US Federal Trade Comission

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